Standard 745

Ultrasonic Welding Machine

The ultrasonic welding machine Standard 745 Series is suitable for welding operations of thermoplastic parts from small to medium size.

  • Compatible for integration into special purpose machines
  • High process reliability
  • Repeatable welding force
  • Simple tool change and quick setup
  • Integrated travel measurement with accuracy of ± 0.01 mm

Questions about this Ultrasonic Welding Machine Standard 745:

"I work in the manufacturing of flasks and small bottles for a major cosmetics company and I'd like to weld a tube of mascara. Can any of your machines handle such an application?"
Mascara tube welding is a highly sensitive application that requires fine-tuned control over the welding settings. This kind of welding must produce both a perfect seal and an aesthetic appearance. For this application, we advise using the Standard 745, which offers the possibility to control machine settings during the welding operation, i.e. time, speed, tolerance, penetration, energy, and power consumption.

"Can I retrieve this welding-related information as part of a data processing step?"
The machine is indeed equipped with an RS232 outlet, thus providing you the option to retrieve all such information for production monitoring purposes.

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Technical specifications :

Operating frequency: 35 kHz
Safety: This ultrasonic welding machine conforms to CE standards and thus corresponds to the European safety requirements
Maximum force: 745 N at 6 bar compressed air
Maximum stroke: 100 mm
Weight: 40 kg without Generator
Generator: ADG35-400/600/900