Ultrasonic Welding Machine

The ultrasonic welding machine ABW35 is suitable for welding operations of blister and foil packaging as well as for coated and laminated packaging materials.

  • Designed for the packaging industry
  • Short cycles thanks to integrated microswitch
  • Various standard tools available
  • Quick and simple tool change
  • Can be placed on table or mounted to wall

Questions about this Ultrasonic Welding Machine ABW35:

"Our company is specialized in packaging telephone accessories into blister packs. This type of packaging must be tamper-resistant to prevent against theft. Does your product line contain a machine capable of satisfying our needs?"
The ABW35 machine has been specially designed to seal blister packs. In addition, it is compact and easily integrated into a workshop layout.

"At the industrial bakery where I work, we need to seal our pastries into blister packs that must remain easy to open. Would the ABW35 machine fit the bill?"
Yes, the ABW35 can definitely meet your needs. Thanks to the welding time and pressure settings, you can vary the desired level of sealing intensity.

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Technical specifications :

Operating frequency: 35 kHz
Safety: This ultrasonic welding machine conforms to CE standards and thus corresponds to the European safety requirements
Switches: Via integrated microswitch
Maximum force: 745 N at 6 bar compressed air
Maximum stroke: 6 mm
Weight: 11.2 kg without generator
Generator: SDG35-400/750