Ultrasonic Welding Special Actuator

The special actuator SPA is suitable for welding operations of thermoplastic parts from medium to large size as well as for punching textiles.

  • Operable with RDG, SDG and ADG generators as well as with an AGM generator in combination with an external controller
  • Travel measurement, trigger / trigger potentiometer and depth detecting stop optionally retrofit
  • Designed for integration into special purpose machines
  • Compact construction
  • Rugged design for maximum durability

Questions about this Ultrasonic Welding Special Actuator SPA20:

"We'll be assembling a new model of a medical protection mask, whose contour requires 2 or 3 welding operations. How can this process be optimized?"
Thanks to the compactness of our SPA20-type welding modules, we're able to place 2 or 3 welding heads of this type side by side. Such a feature will enable you to produce the entire mask contour in just a single welding operation.

"We've been asked to integrate a Standard 3000 type welding head into an existing plate machine. But this machine is cumbersome and prevents us from placing your welding head. Would you have a solution to propose?"
We propose using the SPA20-type welding head, which offers all the same functionalities as the Standard 3000, yet takes up much less space. This option would allow for integration into your current plate machine environment.

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Technical specifications :

Operating frequency: 20 kHz
Safety: This actuator is used as a component in special purpose machines
Maximum force: 2000 N at 6 bar compressed air
Maximum stroke: 100 mm
Weight: 17 kg without oscillator system
Generator: Suitable types: SDG20-1000/1500/2000, RDG20-1000/1500/2000, AGM20-1000/2000/3000, ADG20-1000/2000/3000