Ultrasonic hand welding unit

The ultrasonic hand welding unit HW70-3 is suitable for very small manual welding and cutting operations.

  • Ideal for spot welding, riveting, beading or cutting with template horns
  • Very small and light device for ergonomic working
  • Designed for integration into special purpose machines

Questions about thisUltrasonic hand welding unit HW70-3:

"As a firm operating in the electrical appliances sector, we're required to rework across the board a certain number of filters (of the clothes dryer variety). The cutout step must be very quick, along the lines of using a cutter, but without running the risk of unraveling. Is this product suitable?"
Yes, in fact the HW70-3, fitted with a cutting tool, would allow you to cut out and cauterize your product. With as little encumbrance as a cutter, this product is very lightweight and ergonomic. Within the scope of your use requirements, we can develop a storage support similar to a pencil holder. When the operator removes the tool from this support, the ultrasound is triggered automatically.

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Technical specifications :

Operating frequency: 70 kHz
Weight: 170 g including transducer
Amplitude amplification: Directly through integrated transducer
Generator: SDG70-100, RDG70-100