HW35-3 /-4

Ultrasonic hand welding unit

The ultrasonic hand welding unit HW35-3/-4 is suitable for manual welding and cutting operations from small to medium size.

  • Ideal for spot welding, riveting, beading or cutting with template horns
  • Operable with Ecoline, RDG and SDG generators
  • Rugged construction for optimal sound propagation
  • Protected cable duct

Questions about this Ultrasonic hand welding unit HW35:
"For a given workstation, we need a manual welding device to carry out a rivet heading operation. This device must be assembled on a balanced regulator and then used along an axis perpendicular to the part. Would the HW35 fit the bill?"
The HW35 features a hook on the back side specifically for installation on a balanced regulator. Given its ergonomics, this device is ideally suited for a vertical application along the weld axis.

"We've been asked to install a brass insert by ultrasound for decorative objects. My budget constraints prevent me from investing in a welding machine mounted on a table. Would you have an alternative in mind?"
You can always use the HW35, which is equipped with a steel sonotrode tool. In order to streamline the operation, this device may be mounted on a drill press type of assembly.

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Technical specifications :

Operating frequency: 35 kHz
Weight: 0.7 kg including transducer
Horns: Customized, position of horn can be rotated by 90°
Generator: Suitable types: Ecoline35-400, RDG35-400/750, SDG35-400/750