HG35-3 /-4

Ultrasonic hand welding unit

The ultrasonic hand welding unit HG35-3/-4 is suitable for manual welding and cutting operations from small to medium size.

  • Ideal for spot welding, riveting, beading or cutting with template horns
  • Operable with Ecoline, RDG and SDG generators
  • Rugged construction for optimal sound propagation
  • Protected cable duct

Questions about this Ultrasonic hand welding unit HG35:
"We perform spot welds on automobile parts. Would it be possible to introduce welding repeatability in recognizing that the spot welds produced will differ from one operator to the next?"
The HG35, equipped with its SDG generator, allows working in an energy-efficient mode, which offers the advantage of obtaining an identical spot weld regardless of the force being applied with the device. As an example, if the operator were to apply strong pressure on the part to be welded, then the welding time would be shortened. Conversely, if the pressure exerted by the operator on the part happened to be weak, welding time would be extended. In both cases, the resulting spot weld will be identical.

"I'm a small-batch device manufacturer in the telephone sector. Would it be feasible to install a brass insert in a telephone face using this device?"
Yes, provided use of a dedicated tempered steel tool, it would be possible to conduct this type of operation with such an ultrasonic gun.

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Technical specifications :

Operating frequency: 35 kHz
Weight: 1.2 kg including converter
Horns: Customized, position of horn can be rotated by 90°
Generator: Suitable types: Ecoline35-400, RDG35-400/750, SDG35-400/750