Ultrasonic hand welding unit

The ultrasonic hand welding unit HG20-1 is suitable for large manual welding operations.

  • Ideal for spot welding, riveting or beading
  • Rugged construction for optimal sound propagation
  • Very high performance
  • Protected cable duct

Questions about this Ultrasonic hand welding unit HG20:

"Our company produces wide elastomeric strips that must then be manually cut in order to build prototypes. Which device do you suggest?"
We would propose a 20-kHz device. This frequency allows producing even larger cutting tools. Our product line contains an HG20 manual device, designed with a 20-kHz working frequency, that would be entirely appropriate for your need.

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Technical specifications :

Operating frequency: 20 kHz
Weight: 1.8 kg including transducer
Amplitude amplification: Through integrated transducer (amplified 1:1.5)
Generator: Suitable types: RDG20-1000, SDG20-1000