Ultrasonic welding generator

The ultrasonic welding generator RDG is suitable for the operation of ultrasonic hand welding units as well as for the relevant oscillator systems.

  • Easy to program
  • Multirack for the synchronous operation of several modules optionally available

Questions about this Ultrasonic welding generator RDG:

"I need a generator that only delivers power when requested by a programmable controller for a custom machine used in the automobile sector. Which generator should I choose?"
The RDG generator delivers ultrasonic emissions when requested by the controller; it contains no programming interface. To streamline subsequent developments however, its face offers an ultrasonic test for ensuring that the acoustic layout is well coordinated.

"I'm looking for generators in the form of power cards, for installation into a multi-generator rack. What would you advise?"
The RDG generator is composed of a power card suitable for installation in a rack that's capable of accommodating up to five cards.

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Technical specifications :

Operating frequency: 70 kHz / 40 kHz / 35kHz / 30 kHz / 20kHz
Operating modes: Continous, Contact cut-off
Amplitude: Adjustable 40%–100%, changeable in 10% increments
Weight: 9.5 kg