Ultrasonic welding generator

The ultrasonic welding generator AGM is designed for integration into special purpose machines.

  • Designed for integration into special purpose machines
  • All controlling tasks and parameter input via external controller
  • Data transfer by bus compatible interfaces
  • Digital inputs and outputs for controller
  • Digital error coding
  • Space saving side by side mounting in control cabinet

Questions about this Ultrasonic welding generator AGM:

"Our plant manufactures personal care and beauty products; we've been assigned to set up a production line capable of operating at a rate of 160 strokes per minute. Would you have a generator capable of maintaining this rate?"
The AGM generator is currently being used on a production line at one of our cosmetics manufacturing clients. In this particular unit, the AGM model was selected due to its gradual starter and capability of reaching a per-minute rate of 180 strokes, which makes for a perfect match to your specifications.

"As a manufacturer of custom machines, I'm looking for an easy-to-program generator equipped with a safety feature that protects against accidental deprogramming by a machine operator. Are there any generators on the market with these characteristics?"
The AGM generator can be configured using a computer. The connection is routed through a USB port. The configuration software is run in a Windows environment, which makes the settings very simple to use. As another advantage, once the computer is disconnected from the generator, the program remains in the generator memory and under no circumstances may be accidentally modified.

Flexible packaging industry in Minneapolis, MN

We have customer in the Minneapolis MN area in the Flexible Packaging industry that is growing at an impressive rate and had completely run out of floor space to add new equipment. Rinco was able to reduce the size of their machinery by replacing Heat sealing technology with our patented Ultrasonic technology.

Our Solution
By utilizing the Rinco AGM Generator and an FPA actuator system we not only save critical floor space but improved their scrap rate tremendously

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Technical specifications :

Operating frequency: 70 kHz / 40 kHz / 35 kHz / 30 kHz / 20 kHz
Operating modes: Time dependant, energy dependant, continuous, contact cut-off
Communication and interfaces: RS485; CANopen
Process control: Digital inputs and outputs (24VDC); analogue inputs and outputs (0 - 10VDC); RS485; CANopen
Weight: AGM70: 5.5 kg; AGM35: 6.0 kg; AGM30: 6.0 kg; AGM20: 6.5 kg
Options: Parameterization software; line filter; ventilator filter; several ventilators