HC35-4 /-5 / -7

Ultrasonic hand cutting unit

The ultrasonic hand cutting unit HC35-4/-5 /-7 is suitable for manual cutting and sealing operations.

  • Suitable for textiles and fabrics with a minimum of 50% synthetic fibre content
  • Simultaneous cutting and sealing along the cutting line
  • Easy and precise cutting force regulation
  • Configurable with Ecoline, RDG and SDG Generators
  • Ideal for straight cuts as well as for contours

Questions about this Ultrasonic hand cutting unit HC35:

"For our research and development center, I'd like to acquire a manual cutting device for the lingerie products made from non-woven fabric. Such a device would need to fulfill the same requirements as the CH35 cutting heads currently in use on our production lines."
The HC35 model is the manual version of the CH35: an ergonomic handle has been added. This device features all of the same functionalities, in particular a variable prestressing force extending out to infinity.

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Technical specifications :

Operating frequency: 35 kHz
Switches: On the hand grip
Weight: 1.7 kg
Cutting force: Pretensioning force infinitely variable
Generator: Suitable types: Ecoline35-400, SDG35-400/750, RDG35-400/750