Special actuator

The special actuator SV35-40 is suitable for cutting and sealing operations of textiles and fabrics with a minimum of 50% synthetic fibre content.

  • Designed for integration into cutting rails as well as on weaving machines
  • Air cooling optionally retrofit
  • Ideal for continuous cutting
  • Designed for integration into special purpose machines

Frequently asked questions about Cutting station SV35-40:

"Our engineering dpt. develops a cutting machine for glass fiber fabrics, we need considerable pressure to cut it but do not want to damage the surface of the table while ultrasonics is cutting. How solves this matter the actuator?"
The SV35-40 Actuator includes a mechanical stop which can be regulated. Additionally, the actuator can reach 295N at 6 bar compressed air. The acoustic system is guided by precision linear rails which will supply higher rigidity to the cutting cycle.
Those factors will allow you to enlarge the durability of your surfaces.

"Is it only possible to work with one type of booster or converter?"
The SV35 can be equipped with various boosters and converters, in the case of glass fiber fabrics there is recommended a closed converter with internal cooling. The amplification of the booster can be choosen between several standard amplifications.

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Technical specifications :

Operating frequency: 35 kHz
Safety: This actuator is used as a component in special purpose machines
Maximum force: 295 N at 6 bar compressed air
Maximum stroke: 40 mm
Weight: 3 kg with oscillator system, 2.3 kg without oscillator system
Generator: Suitable types: SDG35-400/750, RDG35-400/750, AGM35-400/600