CS35 Cutting station

Cutting station

The ultrasonic cutting station with integrated special actuator SV35-40 ist suitable for cutting and sealing operations of textiles and fabrics with a minimum of 50% synthetic fibre content.

  • Ideal for the edge trimming of retro-injected fabrics
  • Available as table or floor unit
  • Also suitable for integration into manufacturing cells
  • Rugged construction

Frequently asked questions about Cutting station CS35:

"We produce automotive plastic parts covered with different textiles, we need to improve the result when cutting the exceeding tissue, would this machine allow us to improve our production?
Do you know other ways to treat these parts?

Our cutting station was developed to cut fast and easily the excess of material in these cases, such as automotive pillars, door panels, etc... the ultrasonic cut brings to the edge the needed resistant cauterization to avoid yarn fraying. While the operator activates the cycle by the footswitch handles the piece through the cutting zone with no risks. Its manometer allows to regulate the needed pressure, the amplitude can be regulated by the generator, the expected result can be set up at real time.
Rinco can also offer you welding solutions, in similar applications instead of cutting the exceeded material it can be welded by ultrasonics in the back side of the piece.

"Rinco made samples with our medical parts using the Cutting Station to cut synthetic fabric and plastic films, we like the result and now we would like to know if it needs any kind of installation or integration for our workshop?
Also, does it need regular maintenance?"

The complete cutting station only needs to be connected, set desired parameters and start producing. This equipment does not need any maintenance, after several cycles the tooling can be reworked and used again until his total waste.
Rinco uses high quality materials and special treatments controlling at the same time the hardness of each element to guarantee the highest efficiency tools.

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Technical specifications :

Variants: Type 3 (floor unit); Type 5 (table unit)
Operating frequency: 35 kHz
Safety: Maximum stroke: 6 mm adjusted
Weight: Type 3: 85 kg without generator; Type 5: 70 kg without generator
Generator: SDG35-400/750