Cutting head

The cutting head CH 35 is suitable for cutting and sealing operations of textiles and fabrics with a minimum of 50% synthetic fibre content.

  • Designed for integration into cutting rails as well as on weaving machines
  • Air cooling optionally retrofit
  • Ideal for continuous cutting
  • Designed for integration into special purpose machines

Frequently asked questions about Cutting head CH35:

"Our group produces technical textiles and nonwovens, can we integrate these units into our existing weaving machines and mechanical cutting tables?"
Yes, in both cases, just fixing the Cutting Head in right position and connecting the generator to your machines.
The cutting head includes a force regulating device, horn cooling, and together with the changeable amplitude of the generator you can always reach the needed result in your product.
Our laboratoy and technical departments can assist you during its definition and installation.

"As an OEM producing textile machines, how can I add this article to my catalogue?"
Textile machine builders normally have the cutting head as standard and as an option, it allows to have a device already developed by experts avoiding special designs, easy to integrate with all needed functions.
Together with our generator modules special for OEM they become a high quality equipment to complete your system and give to your customer a safe and expertise solution.

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Technical specifications :

Operating frequency: 35 kHz
Weight: 1.4 kg
Cutting power: Pretensioning force adjustable using knurled thumb screw
Tool holder: Cutting wheel (28 mm) fixed with screws