Electrical Motion 20

Ultrasonic welding machine Electrical Motion 20 kHz

The Electrical Motion 20 kHz ultrasonic welding machines are suitable for technically challenging welding operations involving thermoplastic parts as well as for welding and cutting synthetic textiles.

Functions and benefits:

  • Electrically driven
  • User-defined actuator starting position
  • Fine-tuned parameter settings for welding force, speed and amplitude
  • Choice of 8 welding modes
  • Smelting process can be divided into up to 10 steps
  • The settings are made on a 12" LCD swivel touch screen
  • Linux Ubuntu operating system
  • Both force sensor and amplitude can be calibrated
  • Various interfaces incl. 3 freely programmable digital outputs
  • Audit trail
  • Remote access service
  • Swivel work light
  • Two-hand control with Safeballs
  • Work status light on the front of the pillar
  • Type-tested
  • Highest safety level (PLe)

FAQs about Electrical Motion:

"We have been happy with our ultrasonic welding machines up to now, but we'd like to optimise our welding results. Can Electrical Motion do this for us?"
The welding process can be optimised significantly with Electrical Motion, as the smelting process can be divided into up to 10 steps and the parameters for welding force, speed and amplitude can be set with very high precision. Send us a welding sample and we will happily test it for you!

"Quality assurance and monitoring are very important in our organisation. Can Electrical Motion be relied upon to rise to this challenge?"
Electrical Motion saves every welding process automatically. Traceability and reproducibility are thus assured at all times. Furthermore, Electrical Motion features an audit trail function which automatically saves all results and changes made.

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Technical specifications :

Operating frequency: 20 kHz
Safety aspects: The design and build of this ultrasonic machine are CE-compliant. It therefore meets European safety requirements.
Maximum force: 3000 N
Max. tool stroke: 100 mm
Weight: Approx. 135 kg without generator and servo control unit
Generator: XDG20-3000/2000