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Station de travail avec alimentation automatique

Workstation with automatic drawer

The workstation with automatic drawer can be used in conjunction with a Dynamic 3000 or Dynamic 745, a Standard 3000 or Standard 745.

The workstation with automatic drawer is designed for use in cases where the acoustic emissions of the ultrasonic welding machine are excessively high during the process of welding special materials.

  • Easy to integrate and operate
  • Ultrasonic press and soundproof cabin in one
  • Ergonomic workspace thanks to adjustable height
  • Easy to place workpiece in the drawer, even using a robot arm and pick-and-place machine
  • Significant reduction in noise; no hearing protection required
  • Meets the highest safety standards
  • Extremely slim design
  • Easy to position using a forklift truck

Question about the workstation with automatic drawer:

"What are the benefits of the drawer?"
The drawer opens and closes automatically. What's more, it lowers after it opens so that the entire space is easily accessible – making it ideally suited to workpieces that are awkward to position. The welding process is then triggered by pressing the START button. When this happens, the drawer first closes, then welding is carried out and the drawer opens again.

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Technical specifications :

Operating frequency: 20 kHz / 35 kHz
Safety: This ultrasonic welding machine conforms to CE standards and thus corresponds to the European safety requirements
Switches: START button, EMERGENCY STOP button
Capacity: Size of the adjustable levelling plate: 382 x 295 mm
Weight: Workstation: 170 kg, incl. press and generator: approx. 230 – 300 kg
Compatible with: Presses: Dynamic 3000, Dynamic 745, Standard 3000, Standard 745