70 kHz, 40 kHz, 35 kHz, 30 kHz, 20 kHz

Anvils and Horns

The tools manufactured by RINCO ULTRASONICS are suitable for welding and cutting operations of various kinds.

  • Horns in three different frequencies and for various applications
  • Customized tool design
  • Modern CAM-technology for free-form machining
  • Adaptation of the part geometry using 3-D-scanner or mould
  • Calculation of the oscillation performance using FEM-technology

Questions about this Anvils and Horns:

"I need to weld some parts containing fiberglass. Won't the sonotrode wind up getting worn prematurely?"
Three types of materials are available to produce sonotrodes : aluminum, titanium and steel. For abrasive applications, we opt for tempered steel or carburized titanium sonotrodes, as these materials extend the tool life cycle.

"As a cosmetics producer, we need to perform a welding operation on an enamel powder compact. Which approach do you propose to eliminate any risk of marking?"
Two scenarios can usually be envisaged: the showpiece is on the sonotrode side, or else on the anvil side. Your case however presents a third scenario: the piece is on both the anvil and sonotrode sides. To avoid any risk of marking, we recommend using a PE film reel between the sonotrode and the piece. Moreover, we'll produce a custom bronze anvil in order to eliminate all risk of product marking.

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Technical specifications :

Operating frequency: 70 kHz / 40 kHz / 35 kHz / 30 kHz / 20 kHz
Materials: Aluminium alloys; High alloyed tool steels; Titanium alloys; Various surface treatments

Application areas :

  • Textile industry
  • Food processing industry
  • Plastics industry