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Convertisseurs Ultrasons Spéciaux

Special converters

The special converters are suitable for special applications of various kinds.

  • Designed for special applications of various kinds
  • Suitable for cleanroom operation
  • Heavy duty
  • Suitable for the food processing industry

Questions about this Special converters:

"We manufacture custom machines for the food processing industry and must now integrate welding heads, whose electrical component, i.e. the converter, can accommodate water projections. Would you have a product that corresponds to our specific need?"
We carry watertight converters in our product line that would meet your food processing industry standards. In maintaining their seal, these items can undergo air cooling.

"As a custom machine manufacturer in the medical field, we need to introduce welds on the protective wear. Our space constraints prevent us from installing a comprehensive acoustic assembly (complete with converter, booster and sonotrode). Is there a way to solve our problem?"
We've got the solution for you. Our product line contains an amplified converter fitted with a hood for ease of assembly in a pipe clamp. This component will thus allow you to do away with the booster.

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Technical specifications :

Operating frequency: 70 kHz / 40 kHz / 35 kHz / 30 kHz / 20 kHz
Generator: Suitable for all types of the relevant frequency
Maximum temperature: 50° C; If used in continuous operation or with high temperatures, then air cooling should be used.

Application areas :

  • Medical device industry
  • Food processing